Asanda Imports is celebrating its eighth amazing year.
Thank You!

Lee has been traveling and trading in Asia for 25 years.

It all began with the idea of selling trinkets from a trip to Guatemala as a festival in Tokyo, Japan, where Lee was living during the early ‘90s.

Ten years ago, Lee and Molly met on an isolated island beach while traveling through Thailand. As they continued to travel together through Asia, making life-long friends and connections with the people and villages they came across, Lee and Molly talked about buying some of the unique and beautiful things from around the world and selling them in Molly’s home town of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Lee and Molly began their new business by buying a few Atta purses from Bali and selling them in their new space. They have since extended their trips to include the maze like markets of Bangkok, traders from the Kathmandu valley, Nepal and lengthy trips to the island of Bali where they buy their most exotic merchandise. Today, you can find find a whole world of fascinating, beautiful, and unique items in their store.

Welcome to Asanda….


We connect the world's artisans to you.

Working With Locals

We extremely proud that nearly every treasure we sell are created directly by the artisans we purchase from. Through years of patience and practice the skilled artists produce stunning work that we ship to Yellow Springs to adorn the walls, floors and ceilings of Asanda Imports.

Being the Middleman

Buying directly from the artisans allows us to pass on an amazing value. We will always provide affordable, high-quality merchandise with our customers, hoping that you too can capture the exotic wonder of those far off lands.

Our Shop

Lee and Molly have developed many close friendships over the years and regard their 'business' as more of a lifestyle than a career. Because of our customers, Asanda Imports is an endeavor that supports not only their own family, but hundreds of suppliers and their families.


Come see our shop for yourselves. Thousands of items brought to you from Bali, Thailand, and Nepal. Handmade clothing, jewelry, and art are just some of the treasures you will find.


If you are retailer with an interest in some of the most , beautiful and unique handcrafted items, directly imported from Southeast Asia, we would love to hear from you.